No To Resolutions Without Action

Flowers from the hubby are the best.

The first month of the year is halfway through. I had my birthday last week and it was definitely different from my past birthdays- No party, no fancy gift, no travel, no fancy dinner. I spent it with my little family with pizza at home, beautiful roses from my husband and greetings & messages from friends and family. Simple but I felt so loved.

I love being a January celebrant. It gives a sense of a new beginning every year. January, start of year as well as another year older. It just gives the OC person in me so much pleasure. It allows me to introspect as well. I am one of those people who writes down New Year’s Resolutions and at times, break them. Well, I’m 37 and I better shape up and follow through. I’m definitely not getting any younger.

Here’s my list and I’m keeping it simple and achievable. I think resolutions without action just means you like using big words :

Water Pouring into Bottle
Two liters a day of this pure goodness (ugh), should do the trick. Goodbye Coke Zero!

1) Drink more water-  I hate drinking water. In fact, I end up not drinking water for days at a time. My usual beverage would be a Coke Zero or iced tea. Not good at all. I don’t have to cite the value of drinking water because everyone else knows better than me.

I can be a drag queen everytime! Love it!

2) Find a sport I will seriously get into I hate gyms but need the exercise for cardiovascular health. I was thinking if either going back to rock/ sport climbing or dance sport. I mean, I am moving towards the ballroom dancing age, why not have a head start? Good idea, yeah? And have you seen those costumes?

This is just the November 2013 stash..I don’t think the rest if the year will fit. I think I have 50 or so tubes of lipstick. 😦 *guilty*

3) No make-up purchases I have too much make-up at home and I only have one face. I used make-up as a crutch when I got sick but when the make-up counter girls have your name on speed dial, you have a problem and an addiction. I will write about it, review it, receive gifts (Ehem..) but no buying until 2015.I really feel bad about this but it just gives me so much joy..the packaging, trying it on..*sigh*. Worst of all, I don’t wear make-up all the time. 😦

I’ll stick to three resolutions and will try my best to stick with it and update people if I made it. I know it’s a trivial list but it’s really difficult for me. I would love to hear about your 2014 resolutions!

Happy 2014!


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