The Impulse Buy Who Now Rules Our Home

She cringes everytime she remembers that story. Haha.

<<  This was my daughter’s reaction when I told her that I posted about our Singapore disaster. Haha.

It’s Friday so I  just want to talk about our dog. I have unfortunately turned into “that woman with the dog”. The woman people try to avoid at parties because they just want to talk about their dog, show you cute pictures of their dog, tell you their latest dog adventures or worse yet, shove the dog at your face and say ” Touch him! He’s friendly!” I am the woman with the dog bag walking around the mall. Correction: walking proudly.

I used to scoff at that woman. I thought it was silly. I always have been an animal lover, a dog owner. Now I am the dreaded dog parent to Vader, a black teacup poodle a.k.a. The Impulse Buy Who Now Rules Our Home. We parents can be such suckers. “I want a pet!”, “My pet died!” *sad face* and we just give in and get some furry thing that just turns your life upside down.

You better learn how to take care of him, okay? A dog will teach you responsibility. He’s your dog.” Said every sucker of a parent. We know this hardly ever happens.

“The Impulse Buy Who Now Rules Our Home” needs as much attention as a baby. Sleepless nights? Check! Cleaning poop? Check! Feeding at 3 am?Check! Occupies bed space at night? Check! Limited places to visit for recreation? Check! Let’s just say that going to the cinema is a rare treat for us nowadays. What the heck did we get into?

The child & dog as bestfriends utopian image. How heart warming.

He’s a child’s best friend, you rationalize. If he is, then what is your child’s bestfriend doing staring at you and wagging his tail while you’re butt naked in the shower?!

There’s a study that says that people are hardwired to respond to respond and love pets. Something about it being a response dating back hundreds of millions of years. A part of your brain called the amygdala (not Amidala) . You can read about it here: Yes, you can blame your amygdala.

Padme Amidala

So after the nth dog poop you have picked up and you realize your house is now in shambles and you have gotten immune to the dog smell of your home, you give in to the little ball of fluff prancing around obliterating what looks like your childhood stuffed toy (30 year old toy). “Maybe I can learn from Cesar Milan.” you say. I read in a book that you have to look the dog in the eye to discipline him, you think. And you did stare into its eyes..bad idea. His cuteness just overwhelms you and your amydala turns into Amidala dictating that you love the furry thing. Yes Queen Amygdala, I will turn into that woman with the dog. You are a slave forever to little “Impulse Buy Who Rules Our Home”. Eventually, it’s okay. Especially if he looks like this:

Look into my eyes, human.

We love Vader. In our hearts, he’s the cutest bully in the world.

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