Brave Naked Runs, A Fact Of Life

Last month, we were discussing if we should get a CCTV camera for our new place. We have been a bit paranoid ever since someone broke into our unit last year. The burglar climbed into the balcony like Spiderman, forced the window open and stole valuables. He was playing ninja in the middle of the afternoon, way up a building. Anyway, we felt we should get a CCTV camera and maybe one of these days  send footage of Ninja Spiderman to the police if God forbid he follows us when we move.

My little girl said no and gave her reason:

“No, that would mean we can’t do brave naked runs anymore!”

The Brave Naked Run

Born Free and Butt Naked

What is it?

* When you don’t have a towel in the bathroom and you have to make that sprint to where towels are kept with a wet trail behind you.

* When you think you’re totally alone and run to answer a phone that has been ringing non-stop.

* When you change in your room only to realize you left the stove on.

* When someone suddenly opens the door to your room and there you are pretending to be Eve…or Adam.

* The bravest of all is when you run from the shower to answer the doorbell and run back just when you open the knob. Zip and go!

I think we’ve all done our share of brave naked runs. It’s exhilarating. The adrenaline rush, the heart palpitating, the sound of your rushing footsteps. The thrill of not being caught naked. Hey, some people just run around bravely naked at home. Which gives them very lucky neighbors…or not.

P.S. Try not to Google the word “naked”. I made the mistake of doing that for this post and it was pretty traumatizing. I also bet my inbox will be filled with unsavory spam email tomorrow.


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