Vortex of Hopelessness

The vortex of hopelessness.

Have you ever had one of those problems that make you feel like you’re just sucked into this black hole and that there’s just no way out? It feels like you’re endlessly falling and there just isn’t a way out of it?

The kind wherein you’re dizzy, want to throw up, have anxiety attacks,  want to cry and just run away. It sucks big time. Not only does it suck, it will still be there even if you say it sucks.  Well, I’m having one of those. I was perfectly fine till 4 this afternoon and everything just went spiraling down into the vortex of hopelessness.

My brain is currently on a freeze and you know it’s bad because I can’t even crack a joke.

Don’t get me wrong, everyday I’m thankful for my wonderful husband, daughter and family. They’re everything to me and they just light up my life. There are just some problems in life that just engulf you, you know? Eats you and swallows you up.

This is really just a pointless post. I just wanted to distract myself from the anxiety. I really can’t see the humor in it now. Maybe tomorrow or next week or months from now. All I know is that at this moment, I feel like I just want to sleep and not wake up until everything is over.

What do you do when you get this kind of problem?


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