The Mystery Of The Exploding Pyrex

Blue_pyrexI was happily cooking carbonara sauce for dinner in a blue Pyrex glassware on the stovetop while my little girl was hunched on the floor drawing for her homework. Everything seemed normal and the scent of the cream sauce filled our little home. The pasta was all ready and was cooling on the kitchen counter and we were really looking forward to dinner. My daughter and husband love pasta.

Not my picture. Too busy cleaning and making sure we were okay to take one. It looked like this only a gooeyer, messier mess of cream sauce all over the kitchen.

As soon as the carbonara sauce was done, I grabbed the pot holders and placed it on the kitchen counter beside the pasta. I turned my back on our precious dinner to get placemats for the dinner table and heard a loud crack and something hit my leg. I turned around to check on my Bea on the floor and saw the big mess. Shards of glass and carbonara sauce was splattered all over the floor. The Pyrex I used had apparently exploded into smithereens. Cream sauce was all over the floor and I had to check if my daughter was okay since broken glass reached all the way to the livingroom. I grabbed our perky puppy who thought carbonara sauce all over the floor was a gift from heaven. Glass was on the kitchen counter, sink, floor, all over the pasta beside it, and the living room floor.

“How could that happen? It’s Pyrex.” I thought. I’ve been cooking on Pyrex as long as I can remember. My mom did the same thing. My grandmother too.

Of course,I had to double check if it did explode or if I made a mistake and placed the Pyrex on a precarious position and it fell. Nope,the bottom of the glassware was still on the countertop, broken into pieces. It did explode and I lost dinner.

I’m a huge Nancy Drew fan. This needed investigating. I reviewed everything I did: Cook on stove –pot holder- on the counter – boom! I analyzed it for a few minutes then decided to make my life easier and Googled. There are countless of exploding Pyrex stories and I’m glad no one got hurt at my home. Some people were not as lucky.

One article states that the changes in material composition of Pyrex (from soda lime silicate glass instead of the original Pyrex borosilicate glass composition) has something to do with this. See : 

This explains why our grandmothers and mothers never had this explosive problem. Others say it’s the sudden change of temperature and that we should follow the glassware/ cookware instructions that Pyrex now has. They must be fully aware that their product isn’t what it used to be. Sorry, can’t cook in Pyrex anymore.

productinstructions them. Forget what grandma and mom said.

Keep the following in mind too when using Pyrex:

  • Keep away from granite kitchen tops and wet/damp surfaces after baking or placing hot items on it.
  • Use a welder’s mask.
  • Make sure your food is cold when you serve it.
  • Have an extra meal ready.


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