Summer At Loserville

I have missed posting for a couple of weeks. I blame it on work and Farm Heroes Saga. More on the latter,actually. I don’t really play games but when I do, I get hooked. I’m still at it.


Anyway, I would like to talk about summer. It’s here, right now, burning through my skin. I have friends posting Boracay pictures and it pains me as I am inside an air conditioned building trying to work. I want to be at the beach so badly, I can see fish swimming on my monitor. I have a new bikini I haven’t used at home and my fear is that the elastic would turn crisp and make that crunchy sound by the time I get to use it. Darn. I want to use that swimsuit. It had pink flamingos on it. Flamingos.

As they put on their sunnies to protect them from the summer sun, I wince at the UV rays emanating from my laptop and the stark fluorescent light. They are cool while I am cold from the air-conditioning.

Instead of the sound of the waves, I hear the beeping of the photocopier and grinding of the printer. While people are sipping on cocktails and shakes, I gulp on coffee to keep me awake. Cheers. Let’s drink to all this.


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