Inkin’ Adventure! 

I’m in Cebu now and one of the things I have always wanted to do was visit Inkin’ Ian’s Tattoo Studio  (Ian Cabrido) . I’ve seen his work online and have heard so many good things from friends who have had their body artworks done by Ian.

The tricky part was making sure I’m in Cebu for a week or so and have no work or beach trips. This having some free time really has some perks like checking off bucket lists. 

My foot ink has had a number of permutations. I started with this sun tattoo I had done 20 years ago, then had a poppy flower done in 2013. Today, I asked Ian to enhance and repair the current design and I’m so happy with what he did. The man has mad artist skills.

Ian’s home studio is quite far from Cebu City, around 12 kilometers. Twelve kilometers that’s worth it. I had to take an Uber because in as much as my mother has accepted my tattoo, it’s awkward to say “Mom, I’ll use the driver to go get a tattoo.” I wanted to save myself from the sermon.😂 I’m glad Cebu now has Uber! 

My first Uber in Cebu

Off I went to Krishanta Subdivision, Talisay. It was my first time at the area and I felt like a tourist in my own hometown. It was a 30 minute drive as traffic was not bad at 9 in the morning and I finally got to meet Ian Cabrido, tattoo artist. He’s apparently took up architecture but he’s been pursuing his art. Since Cebu is such a small town,we have tons of mutual friends and even went to the same school ( USC- SAFAD represent!)  At least we had a lot to talk about as he worked on my foot. I do a lot of small talk during awkward situations.

Thank God I had a pedicure a few days ago…are my feet clean? Those things pop in your head when someone touches your foot, you know.

Ian outlines my old design
Outline and color

The outline hurts the most. It’s the fist thing he did and I think my brain receptors have not gotten the message that I’m in pain and will be in pain. Don’t get me wrong, it’s really not that bad. Brazilian waxes are more painful, I tell you. 

He added leaves!
The finished artwork!

You can have an Inkin’ Ian adventure too!



Mobile: 09176305569


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