Turning 40 & Why I’m Starting a Vlog


I just turned 40 this week. What a big number. Currently, my life is helter-skelter from how it used to be and you know, I love it.

I wanted to do something new and my husband gave me a new camera. He has been encouraging me to start vlogging on my You Tube channel and so I did. Focusing on this project pushes me to get out of our place and explore. I’ve been in the dumps lately and it takes a lot for me to just go out and do things. I’m more a miser now than I ever was. 

My husband and daughter have been really supportive and have been cheering me on as I try to get out of this rut. They’re great cheerleaders. I love them to bits.

Vlogging is quite different and talking by myself in an empty room was a bit awkward but I tried. Right now, trying to do new things is the most important thing for me. I’ll probably link my vlogs to this site and do videos twice a week.

So here you go guys, click on the link below my first vlog!

Turning 40 & Starting a Vlog

I would really appreciate it if you can subscribe and comment (on my channel or here) on content you want to see. I’m new to this, you see.



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