About Zarah

Zarah never stops dreaming, and perhaps that’s why her art and writing are so richly tinged with fantasy.

She’s worldly, but not in the way you would think; she’s always lived at the intersection of so many worlds throughout her life, skipping from one to the next, like Alice in her own weird, wonderful, one-of-a-kind Wonderland.

From the farm where she would spend summer childhoods to her family home at the heart of Cebu, the swimming pools and sheer rock walls where she excelled as a competitive athlete, to the soaring concrete skyscrapers where she built her name in the corporate world, to the resettlement communities where she helped families rebuild their lives, to spotlights and stages as an event producer and host, to the quiet retreat of her private studio overlooking the river where she creates art that’s bigger than she is, both metaphorically and literally.

She’s a woman of a million faces, and not just because she’s nuts about makeup. She’s everything a woman can be—a friend, a daughter, a wife, a lover, a mother, a dog owner, an achiever, a creator, a savior, a martyr, a guardian angel, a kontrabida, your worst nightmare, your dream come true.

She’ll drive you crazy, and that’s the best thing about her. With Zarah, life is never normal; that would be the greatest sin in her eyes. She’s one of a kind. Thank God for that.

I know I do.

Mark, Her Husband, And The Man She Saved
(July 2015)

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  1. May I use the image of despair painted on the post about “cant even make a joke”? I am building a website for a company and I would like to clearly depict the despair people may feel during addiction. I believe this fits. I can credit her and include the address to the article it is linked to. I dont have money to offer… I hope you will allow me to put this image in the webpage for a company who is doing MI/ CD outpatient treatment.

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